Market Research

Our clients face an increasing range of marketing issues across the life cycle of brands, including: Core branding; innovation; advertising development; packaging & design, product & service evaluation. Strategic development needs to be based on a consideration of context and competition and the ever changing balance within markets. For this reason, many of our projects are based on market research, using the most appropriate methodology. This could include:

  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Quantitative research or…
  • A combination of techniques

It depends on the problem the research is trying to solve.We have the expertise and experience to provide a service in all of these areas. And we believe that the quality of our analysis and ability to translate findings into actionable recommendations constitutes real added value over and above many standard offerings.We won’t just tell you what people say. We’ll tell you what it means for your business.

Anglian water 2

Quantitative studies among schoolchildren and qualitative studies targeting elderly care home residents


Examination of care home product and service purchasing


Quantitative study to establish attitudes to local dentists